Tales of a Quince Photographer: Veronica's Quince Portraits
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
By Clarissa Fuselier
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I was pretty excited to finally get started working with Veronica. I had been on a short hiatus and was more than happy to get back to work on portraits. When I saw her at home, she had just got done with her makeup and hair and she looked absolutely beautiful. Quinceañeras are truly a celebration of new found womanhood and budding maturity. I barely recognized her from the time I first met her during the consultation. Veronica seemed all too ready to get started as she was also excited; all glimmering in her jewelry and her fantastic gown. The color was amazing on her.

In the afternoon, the sun wasn't as forgiving as it should have been (it being Texas summer) so we had to change locations. Lucky for us, her neighborhood is full of gorgeous places to set as a backdrop. We decided on a quaint little park complete with a pond and lush vegetation.


With the sun away from us (and plenty of trees for shade), I got right to work. Molly (Veronica's mother) did a great job playing assistant, following us around with the "fanny pillow." I have this little black silk pillow that I bring to all my shoots for brides and Quinceañeras can sit down comfortably and not worry about their fannies and dress getting grass stains or other problems waiting on rocks and benches. It's all a part of my little "bridal care kit" which I will explain in another blog for the sake of other photographers.




The little park was more than enough to cover about seven sets of poses. I even took time out to capture the little details of her attire, which is what I normally do for brides and decided Quinceañeras could benefit from it too. Her dress was so beautiful (I loved the color), I wanted to capture its elaborate style as well as her hair and tiara.



I must admit that I am a little jealous--I want an excuse to wear a tiara. Alas, I'm too old :( but one day, I may just show up for a shoot with my fabulous tiara teetering on my head.




Anyway (I digress), as we are entering the park, a young man in a car across the street commented on how beautiful her dress was. We all concurred. She had fans already.



We kept it lose and it was surprisingly easy to keep Veronica happy and comfortable. I made a few jokes at my expense as I snapped away and she was the perfect little model. I gotta hand it to the girl, at the beginning of the shoot she was quite the trooper as the sun was brutal on the first set. I kept it brief, but I'm glad we did that set because it had an amazing glow to her skin without it being harsh. So I decided to keep it.




We made good use of the late evening and came home feeling quite accomplished and elated that the shoot went so well. The right location is important, but not as important as making use of the location you get.



Clarissa Fuselier, owner of Fuselier Photography is based in Austin, TX and enjoys all forms of photography, but has a special place in her heart for Quinceañeras. Experienced, yet playful, she's available for booking, questions or just to shoot her a line saying "Hi!" via email fuselierphotography@gmail.com. Her portfolio is available for viewing at fuselierphotography.com

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