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Tips on Getting Terrific Wedding Photos
Tuesday, December 01, 2015
Tips on Getting Terrific Wedding Photos

A vast majority of the time, I am well aware what kind of work I have cut out for me on the Big Day. My job is to:1) Record the events and emotion of the day with creativity2) To use my super Ninja-like stealth to capture those easy to miss candids3) Take beautiful photos! There are some tips I'd like to share if I may that the wedding party, bride & groom can do to help with the aestetics of #3 and give them beautiful, memorable photos!  No wire hangers!!! (screeching in the manner of Faye Dunaway in 'Mommy Dearest')It's a great idea to get a fancy satin wrapped hanger or even a wood hanger to showcase your dress. A cheap wire or plastic hanger just ruins the ...

Through a Bride's Eyes: Wisdom from the Other Side of the Lens
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Tips on Getting Terrific Wedding Photos

I'm now a married Wedding Photographer. Feels different, it really does.  I can say I've been through the fires and have learned about the "other side". Which I will now share with you.  Now, after being a bride, I see with new eyes some more commandments your photographer should follow. Being on both sides of the lens, I have more information to help you pay attention to when choosing a photographer. This comes directly from my own experiences and though there things should fall under "common sense" for a photographer.  Never assume and make sure your photographer's personality harbors these important but often overlooked Wedding Photographer ...

Tales of a Quince Photographer: Veronica's Quince Portraits
Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I was pretty excited to finally get started working with Veronica. I had been on a short hiatus and was more than happy to get back to work on portraits. When I saw her at home, she had just got done with her makeup and hair and she looked absolutely beautiful. Quinceañeras are truly a celebration of new found womanhood and budding maturity. I barely recognized her from the time I first met her during the consultation. Veronica seemed all too ready to get started as she was also excited; all glimmering in her jewelry and her fantastic gown. The color was amazing on her.In the afternoon, the sun wasn't as forgiving as it should have been (it being Texas summer) so we had to ...